Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Caused By Psychological and Mental Causes?

Erectile dysfunction can be simply be described as the inability to provide one’s sexual partner with satisfying sex. This broad definition includes both cases for men and women. For an individual to actually engage in active sex and last for the required duration, it needs that there be a good and maintained psychological environment. While supplements like Viagra work effectively to bring about a maintained and sufficient erection, it also needs that individuals be all relaxed up and actually have had prepared for the sex. Below are some of the psychological and mental factors that may lead to both long and short-term forms of erectile dysfunctions.

Stressed up mind

Job, financial and family related matters are the leading causes of stress in both men and women. It becomes very hard and sometimes not possible at all for people suffering from stress to concentrate in any sexual activity. With time, the problem develops to even more advanced stages, too much that you find the specific individuals have actually developed complete lack of sexual desire.

Bad past experience and guilt

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by having had an undesirable or bad sexual experience in the past. Such experiences include sexual harassment, rape, gender inequality, all which leave a certain fear for any sexual activity in and individual.


This is usually brought by having too many prospects of what you want to attain during the sex session. When it happens that any of the prospects or expectations fails to happen as expected, many individuals become discouraged and disappointed with their performance. This brings about an anxiety build up, which in turn leads to either inability to erect or the complete lack of desire for sex.

Unsettled relationships

This is mainly brought up by a large difference in the years separating a particular couple. It can also come as a result of communication breakdown between the particular couples. This leads to lack of desire for both couples to offer satisfactory sex to one another.

How to manage psychological and mental ED causes

When it comes to managing mental active and potential causes of erectile dysfunction, it is good to go for a counselling therapy. This will help the particular couple to open to each other about any issue that may be adversely and negatively affecting then relationship. It is also good to plan accordingly, when it comes to financial matters. Invest and plan ahead, so that you will not always be troubled by unsettled debts and poor income lifestyle.

Taking supplements like Viagra also help a lot. In cases of anxiety and something like bad past experiences, you can consider going for Viagra, which will give you a head start. From there, you can start working out the whole ED issue in therapy sessions.