What is generic Viagra?
Generic Viagra is a broad term that describes all other available forms of Viagra which have not been produced by the original and authorized manufacturer, Pfizer. The pills use the same chemical ingredients and formulae used in the original pills. The difference is that there a high possibility to get sold fake generic Viagra pills.

How does generic Viagra work?
Generic Viagra works by releasing a chemical ingredient known as sildenafil. Sildenafil in turn brings about a relaxation effect to the blood vessels, especially ones supplying blood to the penile muscles. The more blood gets to flow into the penile muscles, an erection is achieved.

Is generic Viagra effective?
Generic Viagra is very effective when purchased form credible sources and consequently taken according to the provided prescriptions. It produces effects in an average duration of about 45 minutes after ingestion. For best effects, ensure to buy generic Viagra only from authentic sources.

Does generic Viagra cause an erection independently?
Even after taking generic Viagra, users have to engage in sexual and romantic activities like touching and kissing. On the same note, ensure that there are no underlying issues of health and psychology that may interfere with the ability to have an erection. If such factors or issues exist, it is good to first address them before going for generic Viagra.

What dosage does generic Viagra come in?
Generic Viagra pills are available in various measurements. Users can enjoy as low as 20 mg to 200 mg pills. The measurement for which a particular user decides to go for depends on their past experience of using generic Viagra or the doctor’s prescription. Always ensure that you do not overdose or under dose the prescribed dosage.

Can generic Viagra be used to treat chronic ED?
Actually, all forms of Viagra including generic Viagra are currently the best treatments available for chronic and acute erectile dysfunction. The best thing to do is to talk to a medical officer before attempting to treat chronic ED with generic Viagra. This is because the issue may be being caused by a underlying health issue.

Is generic Viagra safe?
As long as you ensure to check for the credibility of the site or store offering you generic Viagra, you can be assured that generic Viagra is safe to use and purchase.

What are the side effects of generic Viagra?
In most cases, headaches have been reported, especially for first time users. The headaches should be expected to go away after a short period. Users have also reported stomach related issues like indigestion and stomach upsets. If generic Viagra is used in excess, users risk getting undesired and prolonged erections. If you experience any side effects that last r than six hours, seek for medical attention.