Psychological, Pharmaceutical and Natural Methods of ED Treatment.

All problems of male genital sphere (impotence or erectile dysfunction) have to be treated. Especially it’s important for those men who lead an active sensual life. The first thing they have to do is to sell themselves the idea that all these problems answer to an adequate treatment. The second thing they have to do is to make themselves see a doctor who has an appropriate qualification to appoint the treatment. And the last (but not the least important) thing they have to do is to refuse self-treatment. We all know that such a delicate sphere as male genital organs may be easily hurt with malpractice and it may take much more time to restore sexual health if it is still possible.

Psychological, Pharmaceutical and Natural Methods of ED Treatment.

How to Help Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

In the case when coitus doesn’t have an erection in the end, or on the contrary there is often a premature ejaculation, then it’s time to speak that a man really has some problems in sexual sphere. It is quite common for elderly persons but it’s a real problem and even a disaster for young men of reproductive age. These sexual failures compromise not only a male physical health but a psycho emotional state as well. They can cause psychological trauma and low self-esteem.

Psychological Treatment

Erectile dysfunction in men requires timely correction, drug therapy, but beforehand it is necessary to undergo a complete diagnosisPsychological, Pharmaceutical and Natural Methods of ED Treatment. of the whole organism and determine the cause of the inflammatory process. Only the elimination of the pathogenic factor is the indication of the recovery. Besides, it’s important not to exclude the presence of the psychological component of the pathology, when the patient is afraid of intimacy after a new or a long-lived psychological trauma.

An experienced doctor will help to solve issues of an emotional nature. Alternatively, psychological ED treatment may include:

  • Taking sedating medications to recover the nervous system;
  • Take a self-hypnosis course or suggestive therapy;
  • Treatment of chronic depression, severe stress;
  • Use of auto-training;
  • Emotional support of the sexual partner;
  • Discussion of the problem with a life partner.

Pharmaceutical Treatment

It’s one thing to identify and treat the cause of the disease and it’s totally another to eliminate the evidence of male erectile dysfunction. In truth, most men don’t care about their poor blood circulation in the pelvic organs caused by diabetes or heart problems; they are more concerned with weak erection, which is caused by this poor blood flow. That’s why men prefer to use pharmaceutical treatment to a far greater degree. The thing is that the main task of it is to enhance a blood circulation in the pelvic organs, exclude congestive phenomenon there and provide a sufficient penetrance of the vessel walls.

The following methods are used for the purpose:

1. Pills for ED treatment. Here such medications as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are well-liked. Their active ingredients have a direct impact on cavernous bodies of male organs; relax them thus recovering a blood flow into the pelvic organs.

Psychological, Pharmaceutical and Natural Methods of ED Treatment.

2. Injections. It’s a highly effective method but is a bit frightening for most representatives of the stronger sex because of the very process. Intracavernous injections are given directly into the penis providing engorgement of vessels leading to a steady erection. Drug alternatives and their daily dose are assigned by a specialist only.

3. Cream and gels. They grade to an additional treatment for the prior disease. Healing properties of creams and gels help to strengthen the overall therapeutic effect, and their effect in the body of a man speeds up the natural process of recovery, restores faith in oneself.

All these methods are very effective but can give only a temporary effect if predisposing factors and prior disease are not eliminated.

Natural Remedies of ED Treatment

Medical specialists may assign natural methods to recover sexual male health. The key reason lies in the fact that natural remedies recover a blood circulation and improve a blood tension in the pelvic organs with a mild impact on the body. In most cases, patients have to take a number of medications that can be rather hard for the organism to stand.

The most effective remedies are thought to be:

  • A mixture of shelled nuts with honey. It’s recommended to take it in the case of weak erection not less than 1 table-spoon of it in the fasted state.
  • Liqueur with ginger root. It’s taken 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day;
  • To treat sexual dysfunction, you can use royal jelly and pollen, the mechanism of action in the body is the following: the active components provide stimulation of the systemic circulation in the penis, eliminate the damage to the blood vessels and glands.